Ticket - Trapani Saltpans Tour - Egatour Viaggi

Ticket - Trapani Saltpans Tour

Choose from different types of tours, 4 daily adventures to visit the salt pans reserve.

Sunrise Tour: For true birdwatching enthusiasts, this tour will enable to admire the awakening of the nature at dawn in complete peacefulness.

Morning Tour: For those who wake up later, but don’t want to miss anything!

Afternoon Tour: For those who love the tranquillity of the first hours in the afternoon.

Sunset Tour: For the most romantic and the enthusiasts of photography, this Sunset tour gives unique and unforgettable emotions.


 Departure: Trapani   Availability: Every Day


 Duration: 2h30 min

What to expect:

 Visit of the natural reserve

 Path of the Salinaio

 Guided visit of the Salt Museum

 Driver/escort at your disposal




The first sunrise tour to listen to the early-morning quietness in an oasis of beauty.

Only for true enthusiasts to live intense emotions, the sunrise tour offers a breathtaking landscape

You will observe the awakening of the birds of the Trapani and Paceco Salt pans Nature Reserve and the salt basins coloured by the first lights of dawn.

The reflection of the Sun over the salt pans makes an enchanted, almost unreal scenario. Enjoy the early morning hours in this paradise of calmness.



The warmth of the morning sun over the salt basins turns this reserve into an enchanted and mysterious place to discover.

You can witness the salt workers harvesting the salt in the basins, an ancient craft which is still done with love.

An accessible tour for everybody, with a convenient morning timetable. Enjoy the beauty of the windmills and the white salt hills


We will be immersed in a wonderful valley, where the quietness of the first hours in the afternoon and the flamingos rest turn this into a magic place.

During this tour, you will visit the Nature Reserve of Salt pans of Trapani and Paceco with different relaxing stops to admire the vast species of birds that bring to life the white valley.

Sunlight and strong scents. The visit is a journey among salt basins, windmills, canals and pristine landscapes.

Enjoy the first hours in afternoon in complete relaxation in nature!


The last journey of the day is the tour of the Salt Pans of Trapani and Paceco at Sunset, an ending of the day where many visitors claim to be one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world!

The very last sunlight of the day reflecting over the basins, the immaculate white salt and the blue of the sea touched by shades of red, orange and yellow make this warm tones landscape look like a wonderful painting.

At this time of the day, this landscape becomes a play of colours. The only sounds you’ll hear are the waves of the sea and the singing of the birds – all you need to do is to enjoy this peacefulness!

For the photography enthusiasts, this is a perfect tour to capture shades of colour. Enjoy an unforgettable sunset!



 Transfer by minibus


 Salt museum Ticket (no tour sunrise)
 Guided visit to the salt museum (no tour sunrise)

 Path of the salt worker (no tour sunrise)

Price per person: 17,00 € Adult, 13,00 € toddlers/children up to 13 years old

What to wear: it is recommended to wear trekking shoes and comfortable clothing


 Departure from: Trapani - Egatour Vaiggi
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Meeting 10 minutes before departure


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