Erice - Egatour Viaggi

W E L C O M E    TO    E R I C E

Erice rises on the top of Monte San Giuliano (751mt). It is located in a splendid geographical position from which you can enjoy the most beautiful views of the city of Trapani.

It was awarded in 2014 as the most beautiful “borgo” in Italy and a medieval plant, with small narrow winding streets, stone arches, courtyards and small shops where you can still buy local handcrafts such as ceramics and carpets, characterizes it today. Also not to be missed are the typical sweets made with almond and the "Genovese", a sweet of fragrant short crust pastry filled with warm lemon custard. This dessert born from the expert hands of the cloistered nuns and today it is faithfully reproduced according to the original recipe in the famous “Maria Grammatico’s Pastry”.


 Castello Di Venere & Torri del Balio 

The Venus Castle, built by the Normans as a fortress, was built on the ruins of a pre-existing sanctuary. With its construction were built the walls and the Balio Towers, once connected to the castle by a drawbridge, now replaced by a staircase. When Count Agostino Pepoli became owner, he surrounded it with the English-style gardens called "Giardini del Balio". The view from the Castle is unmatched. On the slopes of the mountain, you can see the port of Trapani, on the west the Egadi Islands and south Marsala, with the Stagnone Islands. When the conditions of visibility are particularly favorable, the island of Ustica can be seen to the north-west and the outline of Pantelleria to the south.

 Museo Cordici

The "Antonio Cordici" Archaeological Museum preserves a collection of prehistoric archaeological finds from the Punic, Hellenistic and Roman age, coins, statues and paintings found in the area or legacies of important families.


 Chiesa Madre

The Mother Church was built in 1314 and dedicated to the Assumption, it has a beautiful Gothic façade. The neo-Gothic interior of the church dates back to the reconstruction after the collapse of 1853. Opposite, a mighty bell tower with Gothic style, perhaps built by Federico d'Aragona as a lookout tower (1312).

 Torretta Pepoli

The Count Agostino Pepoli, archaeologist, wanted to reserve a privileged place where take refuge for his studies. This is why he built a small Moorish-style house on top of a rocky peak under the castle.

Quartiere Spagnolo

The Spanish Quarter is located on the north side of the mountain and it is a military character building, born from the need to host the Spanish soldiers, but never completed. Local inhabitants ask for the building, even financing the realization.




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Duration: 4 days/3 nights Good for: Couples, Friends and Families (min.2 adults)   Car Pick Up/Drop Off directly at Trapani/Palermo Airport What To See? Trapani City Centre – Corso V.Emanuele/Via Torrearsa | Lat 38.016037 | Long: 12.505923 Maria SS Annunziata Sanctuary and the Pepoli Museum - Via C.A.Pepoli 178 | Lat 38.019038 | Long 12.542358 Trapani & Paceco Saltpans Reserve - Via Chiusa (Nubia-91027 Paceco) Lat 37.983006 | Long 12.497849 Egadi Islands (Levanzo, Favignana, Marettimo) Marsala city centre and the Saltpans Reserve – C.da Dara snc, 91025 Marsala | Lat 37.862968 | Long 12.483264 Erice - SP3, 91016 Erice | Lat 38.036496 | Long 12.582488 Segesta’s Archaeological Park - Contrada Barbaro (Segesta) 91013 Calatafimi | Lat 37.947937 | Long 12.838858